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Replacing Pickup...Wires Different


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I have an Ibanez I want to put a Seymour Duncan in, but the wires aren't the same. The Ibanez is a bare wire to the bottom of a pot, a red wire to 5 way switch, and a white wire to 5 way switch. The SD has red, white, green, and black. If red and white were the same, and green was ground, then what do I do with black, hot output?

The Ibanez has 2 humbucks, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5 way switch. All 8 pins on the switch have at least one wire, unlike the SD schematic for the 2 humbuckers.

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This should help sort which wires go where.


And is this the schematic you are referring to? The black will be your hot output. Red and white gives you the option to split your HB into single coils. Hooking them together will just complete the series, pickups end to end, without the single coil option.


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