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What Type Of Wood Is Hardiflex? Is It Good For Making Guitar Speaker C

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Hi! Sorry I really dont know where to post this or on this forum xD...

I figured that I can get a help on you guys since you know more about woods than those other forums.

as what title says... I think its the best wood available here. we dont have those baltic birch/ solid poplar woods. so what do you think?

how about plyboards?

thanks in advance for the inputs...

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Hardiflex isn't wood - it's flexible cementfiber board. This doesn't mean it wouldn't make a good speaker box, but might be heavy as hell. Around here the "best" non-descript plywood is called Sandeply. You should be able to find that most places about $45 a sheet.

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there was a long thread on this in the electronics forum at one time and i think it was decided that you can honestly buy a cab cheaper than you can build one. so if your going for your standard 4x12 i would check craigs list, pawn shops, and local music stores first.

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