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Unusual Tuner Keys/buttons

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they seem to be mostly the same shape because thats what works

i like the new hipshot ones, and the sperzel shape (they do offer 3 more standard shapes too):



then its really just standard stuff like keystone, gotoh/schaller,grover kidney beans and the round buttons:





imperials are far too fancy for most things but the most deco of guitars


for a truly different look that suits moden designs i would be looking at some steinbergers or seeing if i could track down some LSR's



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they seem to be mostly the same shape because thats what works

Neat stuff there. I was hoping, actually to find some longer stems on the tuners. Maybe I could fake that by using a set with replaceable buttons and putting them on a really long screw with some kind of spacer. The idea is for the tuners to look kinda like the teeth on a skeleton key.

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