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Source For Detail Tape (natural Binding)

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I just bought some of this tape to mask off my binding while spraying. It's the first time I've ever used the plastic tape. The guy behind the counter told me they had different widths AND different thicknesses. Green and blue are the colors of the different thickness tape. He said that if you are making a bunch of bends, use one color, (I think blue), and if you were doing straight lines use green. His thought pattern was the thinner tape will bend and still have the mastic stick to the object being sprayed without bunching up so it would make a clean line. Use heavier tape for straighter masking jobs because the extra thickness would help out giving the tape the body needed.

Sounded fair to me. I used it for pretty much straight lines so he set me up with green. Worked perfect.

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You want "3M" Blue Vinyl tape in 1/8".

The 1/8" takes curves pretty easily while still sticking flat.

It leaves a very nice paint line. Much better than regular blue painters tape. Paint will not get under the vinyl tape at all if applied smoothly.

I mask with the 1/8" vinyl- then use paper blue painters masking tape on top of the vinyl for masking. The 1/8" is the actual paintline.

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