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Finally Got It!


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Finally got my band saw! It's a Grizzly 14" Extreme model with the riser block. Took the day off Friday for the delivery and had to wait for my neighbor to come home to help me lift the saw onto the stand. I finished putting it together, but Grizzly didn't supply the extended post! :D So, a quick call to them and its on its way. I need to spend a couple of more hours doing adjustments, etc. Next paycheck: Woodslicer 3/4" resaw blade. It's a well made saw. Picked up a Timberwolf 1/4" raker and will order a couple of more blades from Iturra Design. (tool nuts know of this place only by word of mouth). Can't wait to make guitar necks. I was severely handicapped using the shop bandsaw at the airport (flying club) with its beat blades. To this date I haven't made a neck from start to finish, only repairs/restoration. I picked up a beautiful spokeshave last Fall at the local flea market and can't wait to try it out. Now I have to clean out my garage to make more room for the tools. Next big ticket will be a spindle sander and eventually an 8" jointer. :D I don't expect the last item to be purchased for quite awhile. As I've been spending time rebuilding my Cessna 172 (with no $) and learning to fly a C 150, I haven't been too involved with this end of my interests. This bandsaw will certainly bring me back to it! B)

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Don't waste your money on the 3/4" Woodslicer with a 14" saw. Grizzly says you can use a 3/4" blade, but it is not recomended to use over a 1/2" blade on ANY 14" saw. It comes down to the saw just not being physically big enough to handle the blade properly. I don't have my bandsaw notes here with me at work, but I do remember that the 14" wheels are too small and force the blade into too tight of a radius. The blade will fatigue very early. I think part of the issue is also the tension required on a 3/4" blade. I know the topic has been discussed on here already, so you can probably find more information on it.

All I use for resawing is a 1/2" Timberwolf. They are not the best blades on the market, but I still get fantastic results.

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You are correct as stated in Mike Duginske's books. However, he was discussing 3/4" band saw blades that are usually about .032" thick, hence the problem with blade fatigue with use on a 14" wheel. Woodslicers are about .022" and, therefore OK to use. In fact I even spoke with Louis Iturra today of Iturra Design. If you're familiar with him, he is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on the band saw, especially the typical 14" models such as the delta, jet, and, ahem, the Grizzly Go555x . He advocated the use of the 3/4" Woodslicer due to the characteristics as stated. He has his own brand of saw blade the "Bladerunner" (it's the Woodslicer without the Woodslicer name, they're made by the same outfit in GA.) and they run about $8 less. I will order one when his catalog arrives. It is a variable toothed pitch blade 3 - 4 tpi.

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