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Compound Radius

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I am looking for some compound radius fretboards (ebony, brz. rosewood, maple) and don't have the time to do the radiusing myself. Does anyone know of a supplier other than stewmac for pre-slotted compound radius fretboards (25.5)? I could slot them myself if you know of a supplier that only does the compound radius.



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Bad luck Dave. I tried to find compound radiused fingerboards for weeks some time ago....I searched the whole web, asked on mimf and contacted many companies like Warmoth, USACG, Rampartguitars, etc. without success.

I think there is no company selling them. After much thinking and calculating I decided to build cylindrical fingerboards, because a compound radius fingerboard which is not 100% correct cnc-machined is worse than a good cylindrical board.

If you succeed in finding a supplier for them please let me know.

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