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Really Complicated Wiring Diagram


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I am good at wiring guitars,but I can never figure out how to wire something very complex at all without a diagram.

Any of you guys could figure out a wiring diagram for me?

What I have is an EMG 81 TW X,and an 89 X...here are links to the brochures



What i need is to wire it with one volume/one tone/3 way toggle,and I have two mini switches of which I can use one or both...the mini switches are 3 way on/on/on..this type


Here is the thing..the push/pull pots they supply won't fit in the guitar..it is much too thin for that,so I am going to have to use the standard EMG volume/tone,and I need to clip the quick connects and hardwire everything in the control cavity...

I emailed EMG with what I need,but I doubt they will respond..they did not the last time I asked for a strange diagram...I want to wire this up over New Years weekend,and i can most likely muck it out with a little trial and error,but if someone who has a better grasp of electronics could help me out it would be great.

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Never mind..EMG support actually got back to me with a diagram that although useless by itself(since it had no color coding),when combined with another diagram explaining the color coding actually is starting to make sense..

But upon reading through the books that come with the pups I discovered that an on/on/on 3 way mini toggle is useless...so I ordered two on/on two way mini toggles.

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In case anyone chooses to use those new TW series EMG pups,here is what I was given..the pic on the right shows two mini switches instead of push/pulls,but according to the guy at EMG I guess it wires the same as the push/pull...so two on/on two way mini switches wired to the color code of the pic on the left..combined with a 3 way toggle gives all of the possible options with two split coil EMG active humbuckers.


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on/on/on's are ok actually. If you wire them as a series/parallel switch it will give you the split in the middle setting. it depends on the pickups though, with a lot of humbuckers the spit and parallel settings are fairly similar (although parallel is hum cancelling)... with others you get quite a difference

i think its the wiring shown here


those EMG coil tap diagrams look overly complex :?

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looks like the red is for power, 1 is the shield and the other 4 are coil wires - for 3 coils

its not a real split because it goes from a normal humbucker to a stacked humbucker - on/on/on is definately not the thing for this

as a quick guess i would say that coil 1 is the green and white wires, coil 2 blue and yellow and coil 3 hot being the orange - but that is a guess and would be what i started to investigate with a multimeter

but you can just use those push/pull diagrams colour code and it will work fine (i am just speculating on the construction)

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