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Fret Filer/crown Replacement

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Guys please help me I really need to have your opinion guys! I'm from the Philippines and I need to find a replacement or (something similar) to a fret filer/crown because There's no store here in my country that sells it and I checked it out at Stewmac and it costs like $75 or so and if it will be shipped to my country (The Philippines) the shipping payments would cost me 300% from it's price (shipping fare not included) so it would be like $225++ too much expensive for a piece of file. And besides I hate companies profiteering and taking advantage of some people's passion like us. so if you could please help me with this you would much be appreciated. Please help me guys please! ROCK ON!

You can send me an email here pedropendukot@hotmail.ph

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fret files on ebay from $35 US...Good call ihocky2.....er...um...GO REDWINGS!!!

Also as a emergency method, you can take a small/narrow piece of hardwood and make an indentation with a piece of fretwire or a nail, or something thin and round, lay a piece of fine sand paper over the indent, and use that to return your crown to round. I had to do this on the road when my Jazz bass popped a fret, and had to replace it between sets. Last time I used a Fender...LOL thank god for my ric. Good luck

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