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One last Ibanez Universe question!

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Can someone with a Ibanez Universe give me the dimension of the neck? I want to cut the neck with the angled headstock out of ONE piece of maple, because I dont like scarf joints. Therefore I need to know how long the neck is and how thick the neck in total(WITH the angled peghead) is. I need to know how thick a neck blank I have to buy in order to cut out the neck as one piece.

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Knapp!

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the headstock is 21cm long, and about 1.5cm thick....

sooo..... 21sin9 = 3.285

then, to be on the safe side add the headstock thickness and a bit - say 2 cm alltogether?

So I would go with 5.285 cm (probably 6) thick at least. Hope that helps :D

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