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Making Top Wood

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One other point: The thinner the blade, the closer the bookmatch.

You could do two cuts using a table saw, and then hand cut whatever is left, but the bookmatching will not be as good as it would be if you used a bandsaw. That said, a bandsaw that can handle a piece that's 7-1/2" tall is not as easy to come by as a table saw that can cut 3-1/2" deep.


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what do you mean by "tuning"?

Tuning your bandsaw? :D Ummm... you know making sure it cuts straight by using a sharp blade, making sure it is clean, setting the guides properly, proper blade tension, aligning the wheels, balancing the wheels, setting the drift on your fence... normal woodworker stuff. Hard woods like purpleheart and bloodwood have a tendency to not rip well. They will cup and drift pretty bad if your saw is not setup properly.

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