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fret deepening

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Hi everyone!

How do you guys check the depth of your fret slots after radiusing and deeping to make sure that they're not too shallow? Does it matter if they're extra deep as long as it doesn't structurally weaken the truss rod mechanism?

I'm about to glue on binding, and of course then there's no turning back. any tips? Should I put in the fretwire before I glue on the binding?

Thanks a lot! Happy new year (im a little late, but it is my first post of the year!)

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The business card trick works for me :D

i made a little plexi glass rail similar to the one stew mac sells for my fret saw, only mine cost me about 2$ to make. I use some calipers of the fretwire it's self to setup the depth rail lock it into place with 2 wing nuts and i'm ready to go, i just depen the slots till the plexi glass on the saw starts rubbing agaisnt the fretboard. You can be very very precise with this method. Brian's card trick was also good when i tried it, i just preffered something a bit more "set it up and saw" rather then "saw a bit then check with the card, saw a bit and check with the card... etc repeat"

post pics dude!! i'd love to see your job on the binding!!!

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here's the saw i'm talking about, i baught the saw along with the fretting box, so i never got the adjustable plexi glass plate, so i just made one myself since the saw already had holes in it :D


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