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Filling Trem Cavity - Anyone Ever Use Epoxies Or Acrylics?

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Hey All...

So... I've got this early '90s Heartfield Talon I. Neck is weirdly shaped and strangely radiused considering there isn't a trem on the planet that comes with a 17" radius on the bridge. The Floyd Rose II that's in it is on it's last leg and I'm not going to invest in a replacement. I sho' 'nuff have a bucket full of hardtail trems upgrades and modifications, however. I got to thinkin' I should just fill those cavities up and mount that sucker right up on top. I'm not going to futz around with shaping woods and such. There's gotta be a better way.

Has anyone used a liquid epoxy type filler with less in the way of shrink characteristics? I seem to remember seeing some liquid acrylic type of stuff that could be poured into the sealed cavity. That would certainly provide a better, more efficient and solid fill than carved wood, glue and fillers.

Anyone got any experience or thoughts on something like this?



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I'd be interested to see how that would work out. If it were me, I'd at least shove some fiberglass down in that cavity if I were trying to fill it with epoxy. I'm gonna be surprised if anyone's tried this one. I will say that, as I understand it, both epoxy and acrylic will adhere to the surface without chemical bonding, whereas something like Titebond would actually bond to the wood.

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I managed this quite happily using Brian's tutorial on the main PG site. I filled two cavities with wood Titebonded in, then cut a shallow trench around the seam using a Dremel and finally filled that with wood filler. Marginally visible in the right light, but no more than the seams on some 2-part bodies. :D

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