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Photo Flame?

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Hi, I need some more info about the so called "photo flame".

Is it some sort of a decal? Or is it a more complicated sort of finish? I understand that photo flame is an artificial thing and is not the same thing as 1mm veneer. I read that it is some sort of a film.

The thing that interests me the most is: is it possible to apply a photo flame finish at home?

Are there any decal kits for that, any methods, etc?


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thats the stuff

the easiest way to get that look at home is with actual wood.

i suppose you could do it with a waterslide decal - if you could print it large enough, get the colour tones right and apply it without ripping

I am trying to customize an inexpensive Les Paul copy that came in solid black.

I would love to have its top converted to flame maple look but I think its arched top would make it difficult to apply real wood veneer. Or am I wrong? Is there away to apply veneer to an uneven, non-flat surface?

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