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Unwanted feedback


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Do you play close to the amp? Try moving further away

Is the amp any good? Cheaper amps can sound really dodgy with the gain at 10

Some pickups can be potted with wax to reduce microphonic feeback (dunno if that applies here)

Is the guitar set up correctly? Again i dunno if this applies, im thinking more about the height of the pickups

Thats all i can think of, anyone else??

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may also be a bad ground, if you can make it go away by putting your hand on the bridge or strings.

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If it sounds bad at low volumes also then you've either got a bad pickup or just incorrect/faulty wiring. Did you replace a pickup and this started happening or did it come with the guitar?

It's since I replaced it.

I'm thinking maybe it's the wiring.

Gotta check something better.

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