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Locking trem Installation

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I have a Floyd Rose licenced locking trem that i want to fit to a squire body i have. This is more of an experiment than anything. The body already has the routing for a normal fender tremolo. Anyone ever does this type of conversion? I would like to fit the new trem without any routing at first (this also means it wont be recessed at first). Do you think its possible to use the existing hole in the guitar?

This is the body

Thw warmoth says that on 25.5" scale fender, the distance between the heel and midpoint of the saddle is 7 1/8".

1.Does this mean that the saddles are in the middle of there range of travel so that there is equal forward and backward movement possible?

2.Where do i actually measure to on the bridge? (see pic below)

Red arrow is what i think i should measure to

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Its not a simple answer i guess. Yeah, the trem rout comparison thread probably is a good place to start. I dont own a router right now, i just wanna see how far i can get without major modifications (and buying a router of course). Anyone know about where to measure from on the bridge (see pic)?

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If i can place the 'floyd' in the existing trem hole and still achieve the 25.5 scale, i'll be a happy bunny. All i would have to do then is drill the stud holes and do the recessed bit (i want to avoid plugging the hole, re-finishing and then routing properly for the floyd....yep im lazy!)

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From what i can tell the red arrow that you have is the correct place to measure the scale from. (high e saddle where the string actually rests)

And yes, the trem rout should be in the correct place. Some floyd bridges actually come with conversion charts/templates for fender guitars. All you have to do is locate where the new studs are going to go, so you will have to plug the existing holes and drill new ones. But it's doo-able..

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