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I'm Really Looking Forward To This!

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I've wanted to build guitars for quite a while now but but a lack of space and money have stopped me....until now!! I've got some invoices being paid over the next couple of weeks and I'm going to go for it. My dad has also been kind enough to let me use the back of his garage, there was a fair bit of clearing to do but it's getting there now.







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It's a very small space but I'm over the moon that I've finally got somewhere to do this.

I picked up this bench for 99p!!!! I think that's something like $1.50!!!


I tried to figure out how fit in a big bandsaw so I could re saw tops etc but the space is to small so I'm going to have to go for a smaller one. I'll probably put it by the back wall by the window and the pillar drill across from the bench when I move the mixing desk etc.

As for what I'm going to build, I'm having trouble making up my mind (I can forsee a lot of that :D). It's going to be one of three designs:




or an LP DC design.

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Congrats on the new workspace !! :D

Thanks dude!

I ordered some templates for a 24 fret strat the other day and came across this bass today which got me thinking that this would be a cool finish for it.



I'm assuming it's a black stain on ash with white grain filler? Which would you put on first?

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