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Drak's 'Blue Flame' Tele


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It's a 2-part bleach made (I believe) by Kleen Strip.

It's a cardboard box with 2 pint bottles inside.

I believe it's just called Wood Bleach.

You mix equal parts together, then apply it.

You do not want to get any on your hands or fingers it's strong stuff.

This 2-part bleach will bleach out color in the wood, but not dyes or stains.

Sometimes I will stain black and sand back, THEN use the wood bleach, since it has very little effect on dyes.

Swimming Pool strength liquid chlorine is the other way to bleach wood, it bleaches in a different way than the 2-part. Clorine will bleach out pigments and dyes.

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Thanks everyone for the really nice comments.

'Most' appreciated. :D

I think it'll get done this summer, barring other projects.

Wanna know something funny, just to show you 'one mans treasure' bla bla bla...

I posted that pic at the TDPRI (Telecaster Discussion Pages RI) last year I think it was...

...and it got pretty beat down.

Danged Vintage Tele-Nazi Purists!

Haha! Just goes to show ya...'they' thought it was not even allowed to be called a real Telecaster 'cuz it was so far from being like an authentic butterscotch-lookin' Tele. They said I should call it a Telecaster copy. :D  B)  B)  :D

When you're done, go show it off at Telemodders ...you can call it whatever you want. :D

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