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Drak's 'Blue Flame' Tele


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How's myrtle to work with, similar to maple?

Well, this piece was a lot softer than normal Myrtle. A bit on the punky side.

Normally, it's about like Cherry, a little softer than Maple, harder than Mahogony, somewhere in there.

But this piece was very soft, there was a 'pocket' in the upper left horn that really needed a lot of extra lacquer, it was so soft, almost like spault, it was like a small depression, or moon crater, so this, which was Myrtle Burl if I remember, wasn't quite like more normal Myrtle.

what did you get from StewMac?

No idea, these pics were taken like, last spring or therabouts...

For some reason, I keep thinking of Neil Schon when I look at this guitar. :DB) maybe I saw him with something like it once...

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Finishing, just my 'normal M.O.' pretty much.

Bleached the wood first. Lots of brown in the original wood.

Brown + blue = turd color.

Stain black then sand back, leaving the black in the figure only.

Sand raw wood up to 2000 with Abralon pads.

Then wipe-on blue. I use a 50/50 mix of Stew-Mac's metallic blue and their regular water-based blue. Metallic dyes mix with either water or alcohol.

Sand wood with 4000 Abralon pad to bring sheen back up from the water-dye process.

Then just lacquer. No big secrets.

The neck is a Warmoth, but I get them raw and finish them myself.

This one I did a very very yellow-ish amber, just a 'nad of red mixed in, and no brown. I don't like most ambered necks, they're way too brown-amber for my blood, I much prefer the yellow-ish tint I used on this. Goes really good with the blue. :D

I still might do a darker blue edge-burst before all is said and done...

There's really no magic bullet here, and I'm no magician, I chalk it up to looking for the right piece of wood more than anything else, I just highlight what's already there to begin with.

The tree did most of the work. B)

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amazing top.......

though i dont like the 'blond yellow' maple fingerboard, dont get me wrong i love maple, but i prefer it in its natural colour and i think it would have looker better had it been more 'natural' looking.

having said that, looks a kickass tele, great job



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Thanks everyone for the really nice comments.

'Most' appreciated. :D

I think it'll get done this summer, barring other projects.

Wanna know something funny, just to show you 'one mans treasure' bla bla bla...

I posted that pic at the TDPRI (Telecaster Discussion Pages RI) last year I think it was...

...and it got pretty beat down.

Danged Vintage Tele-Nazi Purists!

Haha! Just goes to show ya...'they' thought it was not even allowed to be called a real Telecaster 'cuz it was so far from being like an authentic butterscotch-lookin' Tele. They said I should call it a Telecaster copy. :D:DB):D

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