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Fractured Top Repair?

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I found this guitar in a local guitar center for pretty cheap so I bought it with the intension of fixing it. I have most of the cracks figured out and are ready to be glued but this one I cant figure out what to do with. Is there any way of glueing this with as little of the crack being visible afterwards and how would I go about this? The two little sections that have raised above ther purfling can't be pushed down. I have been shaving off little by little with an xacto knife but they still won't push down, I even tried clamping them down with no help. Any ideas?


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Try putting upwards pressure from the inside of the top somewhere towards the back. This should help add to the radius of the top and possibly allow the pieces to settle in place with some pressure. It appears that at this point the top is trying to lay flat an not maintain the radius it was designed to have. :D


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Meh. For a cheap, knock-around acoustic, I'd take the handle end of an x-acto and push down the offending fibers while I flowed some thin CA into that crack. When I was done with those two spots, I'd just flow some more thin CA into the rest of it.

I wouldn't consider a $500 guitar a cheap knock around guitar. I tried to push it down with the end of my x-acto knife but the raised parts won't go down at all. I'm a little nervous about sing CA for this since it discolors wood sometimes but I may have to risk it. I think I will just take the top off then like Dean mentioned.

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