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LED neck


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There's been plenty of discussion on it. Do a search and it will turn up a bunch of info. I'm doing my second fretboard with LED's now. I would not recommend it if you don't have a lot of time to put into it. The circuits are easy enough to figure out and it all looks simple on paper but when it comes to installation, it takes a lot of patience and time.

My advice would be to first be absolutely sure that you really, really want them and then do the research on the various circuits, parts, ... Then think very carefully about how you are going to install them. The wire channel, mounting, power supply, power connection, ... are just a some of the many significant decisions you will need to make.

Will this be for a new neck or fitting into an existing neck? An existing neck will be even more difficult. There is a reason why SIMS charges $600 for doing it. It's a lot of labor and you risk destroying the fretboard. I'd normally say practice on a scrap fretboard but since it takes so long to do, I don't know if that's even realistic.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the replys. I will be making a new neck to do this with, are there any rules as to how thin you can have it with LEDs ? To do a search will it be under this room (inlays and finishing) or in the electronics or do i just type in LED frets ?

Thanks for the help :D

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