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Cant Buffe Clearcoat.

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I started using Spraymax 2K clear in a rattle can and am impressed with the results . I always sand and polish by hand but thought I'd have a go with a small polishing mop in the pillar drill and the initial results looked great and very shiney . I carried on using 3M finnesse on the body and gave it a wipe over when done and noticed it was very dull .

I now can't get a shine on the thing no matter what I do it just looks dull and slightly opaque. I cleared the body about a week ago. Where did i go wrong ?

PS the bits i did first still have a shine.

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I just saw this stuff online, i was going to give it a try. Before I do, could you let me know how you got to buffing this stuff? Thanks :) Pics would be awesome too

its a 2 part catalyzed varnish. If he was having issues, it was mostly like faulty workmanship (no offense alonfire), but dirty pads, wrong pads, wrong compounds, wrong sanding techniques, etc.

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It's easier to buff 2 part finishes within the buffing window...for the 2 part varnish I use I sand to micromesh 12000 24 hours after spraying,then I wait a couple of days and buff.Waiting any longer than that lets it get too hard and buffing becomes a serious chore.

The durability of such finishes is a double edged sword,if you don't pay attention to the cure times.

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