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Stock Oem Nuts

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OK, I haven't posted for quite awhile. Sorry, life's been too busy. Anyway, I was adjusting the neck on my Strat and was having trouble getting out some buzzing. In measuring the string height, The strings seemed to be set very low. I noticed that the factory nut had grooves that were pretty deep. They seem to be filed incorrectly in that the e and b strings were sitting in particularly deep slots. Another Strat has the same issue. I'm thinking about replacing them and filing the grooves myself. Is this typical of a lot of guitars from the factory or was it just bad nanufacturing? :huh:

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Without knowing what brand the guitar is I must say that badly filed nuts is one of the most common "issues" with brand new guitars, especially mid to low end guitars. A good setup takes time and time = money so many manyfacturers cheep out on that part. On the other hand to shallow string groves are more connon and easier to fix.

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