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Extra Wide Pickup Rings ?

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I'm doing a repair on a guitar that will need pickup rings wider than normal

ie: I need 93mm wide approx, wheres a normal ring would be 89mm wide approx

The pickups are standard size, it's just that I've had to "over route" the cavity as part of the repair.

Anyone know of anything?

Metal or plastic.

Color = Black

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depends on the guitar, might be worth making some wooden ones or just modding some standard ones with strips of binding either side

i did some once with two thin strips of binding either side, black pickup ring with a white/black stripe down either side to make a feature out of it

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if you can find some pretty easy then I'd do that, but no harder than wooden rings are to make I would think it be quicker (at least for me) to just make a pair than to scrounge the internet trying to find the right part. Thats not so much a function of me being very quick at making pickups rings as it is being pretty slow finding stuff on the internet.

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