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A Sealer/lacquer Question


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I've gotten through the first stage of refinishing my guitar but last time I painted a guitar the order I went was

1) Bare Wood

2) Behlen Vinyl Sealer

3) Behlen Nitro Lacquer (Color)

4) Behlen Nitro Lacquer (Clear)

I wasn't satisfied with how the vinyl sealer filled the grains so I've started a new project and already sprayed and sanded smooth some Deft Sanding Sealer. Do I still need to use the Vinyl Sealer before doing the Behlen color coats or have I already messed up and need to remove the Deft because that would be mixing brands and I know sometimes that can be a bad thing? Thanks in advance.

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You could use the vinyl sealer.....or not. You could just as easily thin down some of the clear and spray a couple of coats of that as your sealer too. The brand of sanding sealer shouldn't matter too much. But my experience is sanding sealer looks like it has gotten all the grain filled....untill you spray a finish. pay close attention to your pores and see if they are really filled.


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