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So I've been refinishing my Strat which had a type of racing stripe on it. I want the same same racing stripe but forgot to get the measurements before sanding it down. I've never used CAD, Photoshop, or any of the other programs some of the other members on here have. Is there a way to figure out the size of the stripes using the size of the bridge as a reference? Tried doing it on Microsoft Paint but if I zoom in any it gets too blurry. If there's not a good way for me to do it myself and it wouldn't take one of you very long using a program you have I'd be willing to send ya $10 to $15 through Paypal if you can find the size of the lines for me. The size of the bridge is 2.98"x1.64". Thanks for any help.


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I would say that the size of the stripes are about 6mm, an 6mm gap and a 23mm central stripe. The stripe is about 45-47mm edge to edge.

You will find it extremely difficult to get exact measurements because of the relatively small size of reference area and low quality image. I would be surprised if you could get any better than this unless this is somehow a "standard" size of racing stripe.

Please make any donations to Project Guitar :-)


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By blowing the body up to lifesize (17.7" x 12.3") I get the outer black stripes measure at a quarter inch, the gaps are also a quarter inch. The wide centre stripe appears to be 0.95 of an inch, (6.4mm, 6.4mm and 24mm) all within a milimeter of Prostheta's measurements, so you shouldn't go far wrong :)

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