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Ergonomic Neck Question

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I've seen a few basses made with twisted necks to get that effect. It can be done, but whether it's worth the headache and the time is your call. From what I hear, it really doesn't make that much of a difference when you're actually playing, but is more of a novelty. If you just want the challenge, I say go for it.

I could see a twisted neck being more suitable for a very wide neck, like on a 8 string guitar or 6+ string bass. For a normal six string, I think it could actually hinder your playing, depending on your style.

I carve my necks so they gradually become more asymmetrical on the back (the fretboard is standard). Sweetwood has his CNC machine programmed to achieve a similar effect. It makes things more comfortable, but really isn't too noticeable.

Although, not being noticeable is sort of the whole point.

As far as the nut and saddles go, I think it'd be best to do it on an individual string basis. Basically, cut the nut and adjust the saddles for each individual string to make sure that particular string sits correctly. If they all get set consistently, it should feel right when you play them all together.

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I recently carved a neck where the fretboard is standard, but the back of the neck has a flat spot that twists along the length of the neck. It is fairly subtle, and the guitar isn't finished yet so I can't comment on comfort, but it sure has been a fun science project.

The neck that NotYou refers to above is the torzal twist neck (or at least that is one of the major players in that market). Strange looking stuff, that is.

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I did 2 a few years back for a guy. 01 bass & 01 guitar. They played well but the amount of effort that went into making them was not worth it. the truss rods were a total pain in the ass to do & have function correctly.

The biggest mark against it, as far as im concerned, is that the guy came back about 2 years later & asked me to swap them out for trapazoidal profiled necks that were fanned. these were far far better.

The ergo twisty thing is a nice challenge, but the gains are next to nothing from my experiance. So id only do it as a wood working - guitar building necktastic adventure

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