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Dent Steaming


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I can still remember every bad word I said as the hammer slipped while pounding in the wood plugs on my neck joint. Of course it made a couple of 1/16 dents on the only place on the guitar that I didn't want to sand down any further.


Thanks to you fine folks and your advice on steaming out dents every thing is well in the world again. To be honest I had heard of this method before but slipped from my mind as many things do. :D

I dug out the old iron, dusted it off and gave it a try. The job was made much easier because I was still in the rough sanding stage so I had no finish to worry about. I cranked the iron up to "linen" and while it was warming up I soaked the area with water. Just a few quick passes with the iron and poof, the dents were all but gone.


After about 15 seconds of light sanding to get rid of the "glaze" created by the iron and all that remains of the main dent is a small spot no bigger than left by the 80 grit paper I had been using.


Thanks to who ever gave that advice (sorry, I don't remember who it was) you saved me from a major design change. This place is a great resource for a hack like me.

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I'd like to see more pictures of that neck joint :D.

Sure, pick on the weak spot. B) I'm not especially proud of the neck joint. It's a Warmoth bolt on neck that's been glued in with dowels added for insurance. Redwood plugs are used to cover the maple dowels. I'd like to carve down the heel some more but I'm afraid I need the bulk with that soft redwood. Besides, the guy I'm building it for never plays up that high on the board.

Here's a better shot of the neck joint.


An old shot of the back.


And a shot of the koa top. This is after the rough sanding and shaping and has been whetted with mineral spirits.


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