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a couple problems

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i've got a strat question and a lp question... lp first

i've got a cheapie epiphone LP and it's really a great guitar and i've never had any problems with it until yesterday, i plugged it into my vox pathfinder and it just wouldn't get anywhere near the volume that i know it's capable of.. so i thought it was the amp, so i unplugged it and knocked it around a bit, cause i figured it was a solder problem.. then i plugged it in to another amp... and same problem... it's very quiet... i tried all three positions on the PU switch and none of them work... it's a really quiet output.. im thinking it could be the volume knob? anybody have any ideas?

strat problem

one of my bandmates has a squier strat and he (god knows how) twisted it off inside of the socket so the bit of threded rod isn't sticking out of the guitar, it's down inside it... any ideas on how to get it out?


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

The LP sounds like a pot problem. Get it to quit smoking it :D . Seriously, clean it, and if that doesnt work, get a new pot.

The squire....a new trem block. The squire is worth more thn it will ot to fix it. Tell him not to tighten the bastard down so much. Buy a new guitar, or replace the trem or just the trem block.

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Umm my friend had a problem like that on his LP and all that happend was the pickups were to low how ever that happened i dont know.

and for the strat i have no idea if your talking wammy bar. but what your saying sounds like the jack to me and that its wires came off inside or the nut fell off and the threaded part is in side the guitar then just take the plate of and rewire it on. and if it was the wammy bartry drilling a hole in the metal in the left in hole with either a pining drill (for modle working) or a normal drill carfully a hole on the rod and use the hole to help you get it out with a screwdriver (small kind ). this may help i have done simmilarthings and it works

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