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Glue Joint Split

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I am finishing a guitar I started six years ago. I did all the gluing up already.

It sat in storage and my apartment for the past six years.

Now, I decided to finish it up. Route some pot cavities and get it ready to finish.

I used a long neck tenon joint. The tenion joint goes almost to the bridge.

Everything was pefect. No cracks nor splits.

Well, the weather has become really dry, usually 20%-40%.

The tenon joint has a slipt at the lower glue joint.

Some of the other joints look like some are beggining to show signs of splits starting.

I am at the mercy of the outside environment, as that is the only place I can work on this.

Short of waiting for the more humid weather, what a good fix for these splits?

I used CA glue on the recent one that is the largest.

That area will be under the pickgurad anyways, so finish issues won't matter.

I am going to do a thorouhg sand tomorrow and stain it and then poly it ASAP.

I will not have the chance to assemble it with all the parts for a teast. I think it will be on target.

I should have proceded at a faster pace, but since it was unfinfish for six years, I thought there would be no more wood issues.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,


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I wanted to get it totally ready for finish first, but the weather superseded my plans.

I will have to finish it and then make sure my measurements were all correct.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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