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Pickup cavity in rear of body create instability ?

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I’m building a Grover Jackson Schon inspired seven string for a big Neil Schon fan. I want to route for the pickups from the rear because we are going for a recessed/ultra clean look for the top.

The body so far:


For the pickups I only want to see the height adjustment screw heads and the pickup bobbins. Like this look:


If I route from the rear, a bathtub type route to accommodate any pickup, do you think this will remove too much wood and create strength and stability issues ?

Lower drawing shows what wood will remain down the center block of the body:


There will be wood of course on either side of this swiss cheese but I’m afraid it won’t be enough.

Opinions ?



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Route only enough for the pickups and it should work. There is still a good amount of wood on the wings to keep it all together.

I have a pickup horse missing the whole center section and it has been fine for years.

If I was doing it the tab area would still be pretty thick as you only need the bobbins to be able to touch the strings.

If you are worried about alignment route the top holes and drill the mounting screws all the way through the body. Then flip the guitar and trace out the pickups sitting in the hole. Only route inside what you trace.

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