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Gibson 490R vs 57 Classic Humbucker


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Gibson 490R vs 57 Classic Humbucker

Hi everyone

I'm wondering what the difference is between these pickups, from a technical aspect and personal point of view. They have about the same output and both have Alnico 2 magnets

So what is it that makes them different?

Are they actually different?

P.S. I'm not concerned about 2 conductor and 4 conductor wiring. I'm thinking along the lines of output, gauge of wire, output etc

Thanks for any comments

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490R, Alnico2 magnet 42AWG (probably Poly) wire, 7.2 to 7.8 Kohms 50 mm pole spread

57 Classic, Alnico2 magnet 1.94" pole spread (49.3mm), 7.4 - 8.5 kOhms, unknown wire type but probably 42AWG with thicker insulation compared to the 490R.

So the 57 will be slightly hotter, with more mid and probably (because the wire insulation) a slightly "drier" sound. This is only based on the specs and no A/B comparison.

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