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Pressing Frets over Inlay


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I have some inlay that spans a couple of fret slots. I think someone suggested that I remove the tang from the fret wire and just glue it on. I probably will try to remove it from the areas affected but not completely. Will this work?

How about filing the MOP back away from the fret slot (but not so far that is shows a gap when the fret is seated)? Would that work?

Will I need the nipper from $tewmac? I really don't want to fork out any more $$$ for tools but if it's really needed, I'll do it.

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Do both.

File the tangs, file back the fret slots and pearl from the edges, and maybe even glue in the frets if needed. I have seen each done before. Combining all three can only help. Also make sure the glue you use isn't the worlds strongest.

You may need to get those frets out one day to re-fret. That could also rip up the inlays


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u guys talking about the burrs? those would be the part to file down, they're the diamond shaped pointy part sticking out of the tang that holds the fret down, they're pretty easy to file off, but it might be hard to file off only like 2 or 3 specific burrs, so you'll probably end up taking them off the hole fret, and just glue it in, just don't cut the tang off!! you need that! lol

also try rounding/ beveling the edges of the fret slots that'll help prevent a bit of the chipping down the road during a refret.

ps, burr could also be called a "stud" according to dunlop's page....

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