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Questions on 3D-printed guitars?

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Hi guys and gals,
Check out these unique 3D-printed guitars! (Pics below and attached!).
For full disclosure, I work for the company that makes these.
I am not trying to spam/sell but to start a conversation with the guitar community about the potential for 3D printed guitars!
We would love to hear your feedback and ideas on the potential for 3D-printed guitars. What designs would you make?
The flexibility of 3D printing dissolves design limits, allowing us to create personalised, custom guitars at affordable prices. The sky is the limit for body design with 3D printing, opening up awesome opportunities for truly unique guitar aesthetics.
I'll also happily answer any questions about the sound/construction etc.!
Check out videos showing how the guitars play here: http://bit.ly/1rcRrxj

More info at www.customu.se or Twitter: @customuse

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Good point. Plus we are a bunch of woodworkers that really love our wood porn. Speaking for myself.....and probably more than a few of the rest of us, I have a hard time thinking a plastic body is a good thing. No doubt it sounds like a guitar and opens up a bunch of cool design options, but those of us with sawdust in our hair and splinters in our knuckles are likely ultimately going to relegate them to the novelty shelf.


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