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Onboard preamp replacement help


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I am considering replacing the guts of my Vantage Devil.


It's a 2H configuration with 1 volume, 1 tone, coil split, phase switch, and a switched active preamp with it's own level control.

I want to replace the tone and preamp level controls with a 2 band switched active/passive EQ. Preamp gain will be a trim pot inside.

Any suggestions for available components or DIY circuits?


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Hi Jude,

I have one of those guitars myself and have been trying to get it back to original spec since I got it - the electronics were gutted before I picked it up. Basically I'm missing the two PCBs that were part of the original electronics and have been having a challenging time finding replacements or getting good detailed pics of them, so I can have someone re-create the circuit.

Would you be able to post some pictures? Or, do you have plans for the original parts once you make the switch?


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Is yours playable? I've never been super impressed with the electronics, but physically it's an absolute dream. It'll be months if not years before I get the courage to start cutting into it. I still have to decide exactly what I'm going to put in it and test, plus I have another project on my test bed right now. I'm going to keep the guts so I can restore it if needed, but I'm happy to open it up and take some pictures. I might be able to reverse engineer the circuit, but no promises.

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Structurally mine is great, superb construction, nice neck, what you'd expect from a Matsumoku guitar of the era. Just to looks at it, you'd have no idea anything was wrong with it...however, electronics-wise, it's a mess. As I mentioned, the PCBs are gone, the little red LED low-battery indicator is gone, the pickup selector switch seems to be pooched (and its cavity cover is missing) and there may have been a battery leak at some point. The good news is that the pots and switches that are present seem to be original and in fairly good shape and I do have the MMK53 pickups.

It's a beautiful guitar and ideally, I'd like to restore it, but the electronics are a mystery...I've got some photos of the circuit and there's someone not too far away who makes active circuits/preamps, but he can't determine the values of the components from the images I've been able to find.

Any help you can offer would be most appreciated.


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