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Shipping or flying with finishing materials internationally


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I'm in Japan and am having some trouble tracking down finishing supplies here. Some just are hard to find (tung oil isn't normally sold here, though perilla oil is which I know nothing about), and others probably are but are difficult to track down due to the 'language barrier'.

So I'm looking at ordering some supplies online. I reached out to StewMac about having some cans of their Colortone Aerosol Lacquer sent and they said they can't send it internationally (very fast and friendly response from them btw). Luthier's Mercantile has some - but not all - finishing liquids marked as "dangerous". 

Alternately, I'll be back in the states for a few days later this month and could pick stuff up there and fly it back... if the airlines will allow it. Aerosol cans are a big no-no, but I'm not sure about other oils, dyes, etc. 

Anybody have any experience getting finishing supplies shipped internationally? I'd be interested in specifics of what you ordered and who sent it.




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Some things are just too dangerous to send by air. Especially pressurised explosive lacquer! That's not to say they can't be sent by ground or other means. Usually it's the seller that elects not to make the option available since they would need all kind of papers and individual attention. Shipping simply and using one simple service is time and money to them I suspect. Smaller companies may think differently. Even eBay sellers might help out more. 

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