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High Pass filter help


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If building, the easiest way to do it would be add a capacitor in series with the 'B' output.  Working out the exact value cap is somewhat dependent on what you're plugging the 'B' signal into, and the cutoff frequency may change if the 'B' output is plugged into a different piece of equipment. If you're plugging into a typical tube amp (1Meg ohm input impedance) a cap value of about 2.2 nano Farad will give a highpass cutoff frequency of about 75Hz.  If plugging into a Tubescreamer (about 500k input impedance), the cap value needs to be around 4.7nF. A smaller cap will make the high pass higher, a larger cap will make it lower.  Caps are cheap - buy a handful of different value caps and experiment with them to find out which one works best to achieve what you want.  You may find that an exact 80Hz cutoff is too high or too low for your application anyway.

If you want a prefabricated solution, then as Tim37 suggests buy an EQ pedal to place on the output of the 'B' channel and filter out the offending frequencies.

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