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Flying V kit wiring


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Hi everyone

I am sure there's been a ton of posts like this before, apologies for the repetition.

I've just bought a flying V build your own kit here in China, first attempt at a build so I thought I'd start with something I could afford to muck up.

Everything has gone swimmingly, but the wiring is an absolute mystery to me.  No instructions came with the kit whatsoever.  I know it's a simple job but I really have no clue.  I've done some searching but can't find anything that I understand.  

I've attached a picture, anybody able to give me some extremely simple instruction of which wire to solder to what bit?

Thanks in advance


p.s.  Love this site, It's gonna be a godsend to me!


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Looks like you need to solder the pickup leads to each of the volume pots, solder the output lead to the jack and install the bridge ground wire. The rest looks pre-assembled.


Wiring colours won't be the same as the above diagram, but a rough interpretation for your situation would be:

  • Neck pickup centre conductor (red cable) soldered to lower lug of neck volume pot.
  • Bridge pickup centre conductor (black cable) soldered to lower lug of bridge volume pot.
  • Outer braid of each pickup cable soldered to the case of each respective volume pot..
  • Output cable centre conductor (yellow cable) to tip connection of output jack.
  • Output cable outer braid (yellow cable) to sleeve connection of output jack.
  • Ground wire (skinny black) bonded to the bridge assembly somewhere convenient.
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