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Glue in neck before or after sealer

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I've been gone for a while after getting frustrated with lacquer, but came back like a freight train and am finishing the 2nd of 2 projects I put down over a year ago. This one is a set neck. The back of the neck going to be trans blue (flamed) while the back of the body will be black. I've already dyed the neck black and will sand it later today. The blue will go on as tinted lacquer. All of that to ask, can I seal the neck after sanding and still have rock solid adhesion in the neck pocket or should I wait to seal the body and neck together?

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On 7/23/2016 at 10:46 AM, Zack said:

Too late. I didn't seal it and I used wood glue instead of epoxy

haha. That is the best option. I used to love epoxy but had it fail a couple of times. Wood glue has yet to ever fail me. But don't seal before you use it....it need to get into the pores.


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