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Fretting a neck with binding


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On my first build, I cheated on the fret board by using a salvaged Ric 4001 fret board that I just had to glue to my crafted neck. 

For my latest build, I want to do a bound neck but have little clue on how to combine the fretboard, the binding and the frets. Do I need to trim the tang of each fret so that it only sits in the board and so that the edge of the frets just sit on top of the binding? After thinking about it for all of 5 minutes that seems to be my ignorant conclusion but before I commit to disaster I would welcome any input to steer me away from impending doom.

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7 hours ago, Legoheads said:

I was just reading through @Norris "Nozzcaster" thread and it seems my ignorant assumption may be correct? Occasionally, they are.

I pretty much followed the advice given in Melvyn Hiscock's book Make Your Own Electric Guitar. My "instructor" (I attend a weekly guitar building "club") also suggested that method. The tang cutters are the best (only?) way to hide the tangs behind the binding.

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D'oh... I just remembered I have that book somewhere. I should probably dig it out and get myself a clue :huh:

To be fair, I hate reading and have mostly learned by trial and error and educated guesswork. As my Dad used to say, "You won't be told, will you?" He wasn't wrong.

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