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  1. The last couple years have been... weirder than expected, but definitely getting better. I want to get back to building and spending time here I hope all has been well for you too!
  2. Just blasted through this thread, you've somehow outdone yourself yet again! Seriously incredible and inspiring work, Scott!
  3. Looking great as usual Scott! That katalox is a lot like the first neck I did- the lighter bit will oxidize, as you suspect.
  4. Cool, looking forward to seeing more colors! I think I want to do one of my Exploders with a Dichrolam top and headstock veneer.
  5. Man, I saw that Sundari stuff a few days ago. I'm really itching to test it out soon!
  6. Thank you! So after a few more samples, I think I've landed on the final finish process for this build. Applying dye and sanding back before filling adds some visual separation between the figure and the pore structure, which was missing in my last sample. More soon!
  7. Yeah! That top is exactly the material I'm talking about. Are you making it with any colors other than red? I showed your samples to a friend today and he was interested in seeing what blue or green would look like.
  8. It's definitely the hardest wood I've encountered, and very dense as you noted. This is my second full katalox neck, I'm hoping this one will finish to the same deep deep purple as the first!
  9. Thank you so much! Thankfully, there wasn't any hurricane damage to speak of in my area, I'm just serially bad at keeping up with stuff like this So, on to my other build of the moment. Same model as above, but with a fully bound katalox neck and ebony fretboard, mahogany body, and figured ash top with more binding. Here's a quick mockup: The finish will be black dyed ash (no sandback) with metallic silver pore fill, like so: I'm aiming to have the body sanded and ready for finish by Friday morning, and will take pics of the entire finish process.
  10. So I'll kick this thread off with a guitar I just finished today! It's a multiscale Wayfarer 6 with some of the coolest ash I've found yet. -Specs- Ash body Pau ferro neck and fretboard 25-26" multiscale Elysian Pickups Hellfire with Alnico 8 mag Hipshot bridge and tuners Jescar stainless steel fretwire Odie's Oil finish I've been playing with a really fun finish for my other current project, I'll post more details and pics on that one tomorrow.
  11. Seriously though, it's great to log back in to PG and read through the last 6 months of cool builds! In the interim, I've been building a lot, switched schools and job, and have been generally going nonstop. This year though, I'm going to make it a priority to take time and engage with people and communities that I care about, and I look forward to what 2018 has in store!
  12. Hey! I apologize for the (massive) delay, I switched school programs and jobs in the middle of last year and haven't been nearly as engaged with Project Guitar as I would like to be. I definitely appreciate the samples, and I'm interested in talking to you more about a full top's worth of the figured carbon!
  13. I'll be a third, then. I find that it sands quite nicely, though I don't find the smell so appealing.
  14. Being able to see your creative process is always a fun ride. Looking forward to more! I'd love to see a proper 8 string from you some day though
  15. Very nice! I bet that phoenix looks craaaaazy in person.
  16. And the padauk Pulsar is done! This stuff is damned hard to photograph properly, the red just blows out my camera's sensor at every opportunity. I'm hoping to shoot a little video demo, these pickups are delightful!
  17. Yep, my posts on forums outside of PG have all capsized as expected. I don't know who over in Bucketland thought this was a brilliant move, but I'm sure as hell not paying 400 bucks a year for image hosting. I wouldn't have minded paying something more reasonable, as I do understand that all that storage and bandwidth costs them money. So yeah, I'm just direct uploading here from now on, as I should have been doing in the first place.
  18. Thanks Scott! Bouncing back to the padauk Pulsar for a day, I just got oil applied.
  19. Exactly, it just sits on the binding during the initial flood coat/overnight soak, then wipes off easily after that. It's pretty much the most hassle-free finish I can think of.
  20. Back to the body for a sec. Working on bolt-ons is great, I can just finish the parts independently and bring them together in the assembly stage. The finish here is my usual Odie's Oil, applied to a P600 body by (gloved) hand with no filler. The Odie's doesn't dramatically darken the ziricote or muddy the grain, and even brings out a bit of curl that was hiding in the limba. Now I just need to leave the body alone for a few days while the oil cures. Next time: frets!
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