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Guitar Of The Month - October 2016

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Welcome to the Guitar Of The Month entries for October 2016!

ProjectGuitar.com's Guitar Of The Month contest is a showcase for members to exhibit their creations and to vote on their favourites. The contest is open entry for any and all members, new or old. Winner(s) receive a featured article at the head of the ProjectGuitar.com homepage, a photo posting to our Facebook and elevated member status. ProjectGuitar.com receives tens of thousands of unique visitors monthly; Guitar Of The Month is a great way to showcase your creation to the world!

Submissions are open throughout the month with public voting open in the last week. Polls close on the 1st of each month.

Lastly, if you didn't win a previous month's Guitar Of The Month contest, you are encouraged to enter your build again the next month for a maximum of three consecutive months. Sometimes one entry just hits it out of the park and eclipses everything!

Tips and Guidelines

  • Upload a maximum of eight photos for the instrument in your post
  • Ensure that your guitar has a name otherwise we'll make one up ;-)
  • List additional descriptive information specific to the build; for example....
    • The woods and materials used, especially if there is something unusual in there!
    • Scale length(s) and other specific configuration details
    • Electronics, pickups, etc.
    • Is this your first build, fifth or five-hundredth?
    • A bit of information on your own background as a builder helps give context to your build.
    • Was it built in the garage, at school, work or in your own shop?
    • A summary of the build's history. Was it built for yourself, friend/family or a client? Did you design the instrument and its specifications or was it built to spec?
    • What were the inspirations behind the instrument and why were various build aspects chosen?
    • Any background on what makes it special?
  • Posting a link to your guitar-building website, Photobucket, Facebook, etc. is fine, even if it is your business. In the spirit of fairness we encourage instruments made by professional builders to have that disclosure made so there is a more even balance between weekend warriors and grizzled veterans.
  • If you documented your build in the forums, post a link to the thread! Instruments with a build thread shared tend to attract more votes from the general community.
  • ProTip: Voters vote with their ears as well as their eyes....if you have any soundclips of the instrument or even a YouTube video, do post it! Everybody loves to look at beautiful instruments, but hearing them demo'ed is 10x as important.

Unsure what to write? Have a look around the entry archives for suggestions.

If you have any questions about the contest, either PM me or ask forum members; we're a helpful bunch!

This thread is exclusively for entry posts only - any post that is not an entry will be deleted. We love to hear your discussions and opinions on the month's entries whilst the polls are open. Alternatively, head over to that instrument's build thread if one has been made in the entry post.

Good luck to all entrants!


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So many great guitars last month, I'll give this a whirl again this month:

This is my Photon prototype build.  I am hobby builder, working out of my garage.  I have built about 18 guitars over the last 16 years  This one is a design that was inspired by the thought of something in motion and by the bevels and thinness of the SG.  Because of what I wanted it to be, there are very few off the shelf parts here: the switch, pots, jack, and strap locks are the only retail parts.  I designed and machined the bridge, tuners, knobs, truss rod, inlays, pickup covers and I wound the pickups as well.  Some vital specs:

 - Zebrawood top on Sapele, 1 1/4" total thickness, grain matched cavity cover with rare earth magnets

 - Vertical grain Doug fir neck

 - Bloodwood fretboard, 24.5625-26" scale lengths

 - Magnetic truss rod cover

 - Firebird style humbuckers with A5 magnets inside of sapele/bloodwood covers

 - All aluminum hardware designed and machined by myself in my garage

 - Wave/particle duality inlays featuring photoluminescent powder inside of aluminum tubing

 - Separate volume controls and master 2-band passive EQ with onboard preamp

 - Finished with 2k gloss








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Hi first of all i apologize as the pics are taken on my phone as i dont have a good digital camera.

This is my first ever build and i set out to make my ideal guitar and did it as a one to one course in manchester England with phillip porter guitars and had a great time doing it so i am sure i will have another guitar to enter in the near future !!!

It was designed completely for my preference and as a bit of background i love the sound of semi hollow guitars and offset styles, single coil pickups, i also love the feel of strats but there were allways things i dont like about off the shelf guitars some of which are the access to the upper frets, neck profiles ect (i love a thin neck profiles but i have found most vintage style guitars have quite thick necks) and i like very light guitars, i wanted something individual but that has a sort of vintage vibe to it. and i always wanted my signature on the top of a guitar :) 

i have found this to be a love or hate guitar when i have shown it to people but for me it is perfect. 

I hope you guys love it too 


Body wood : swamp ash

Top wood : flame maple

Neck wood : Flame maple 

Fretboard : ebony

Inlays: ablone

control cavity cover : copper backed flamed maple (from the neck offcuts)

The body is 2" thick in total. Hollowed out and carved on the top and back of the body to allow easy access to the frets, a back cut out, arm rest, angles on the top and sunk in volume and tone controls  this was definitely the trickiest part of the build.maintaining a 10mm thickness on the back and 6mm on the top but it gives it a wonderful sound. I have included pictures off this on my build blog which i will Finnish shortly if anyone is interested :)

The neck is a thin C shaped profile, scale length is 25.5" and it has 24 frets at its longest point and 20 on the low E due to the s shape that is on the end of the fretboard and is continued through the guitar on the body and headstock to give it the very unusual offset look :)

the tuning keys are schaller da vincis and the bridge is schaller 3d-6 which is a top loading bridge 

the paint is a very strong blood orange colour mixed in with the lacquer whilst spraying the cap also the cap was stained with black dye and sanded black it is also slightly burst with black by airbrush to give the appecance of a binding using the cap wood

It was all done using AC lacquer

it has dunlop internal straplocks 

and the pickups are underwound p90s that i wound myself, you might have noticed there is no pickup selector, i allways play with a blend of pickups and prefered the look without the selector switch.


Hope you guys like it as much as me!!! :)20160801_135502.jpg





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A gentle reminder to forum members about the use of the Guitar of the Month entrants' thread (from the first post in this thread):


This thread is exclusively for entry posts only - any post that is not an entry will be deleted. We love to hear your discussions and opinions on the month's entries whilst the polls are open. Alternatively, head over to that instrument's build thread if one has been made in the entry post.


Please keep the content of this thread on topic and neat 'n tidy. There will be plenty of opportunity for appraisals of everyone's work in the Guitar of the Month Voting thread.


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