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Custom build guitar 3 pickup wiring


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Hi there !

I've built a custom guitar and I've put 3 magnets.
1 single on the neck, 1 hum backer on the bridge and 1 piezoelectric.
I use only 3 volumes (1 for each magnet) and a general volume. No switches for choosing a magnet.
I must have done something wrong because the piezo does not work so good. I can barely hear it.
Could someone please make a correct wiring diagram ?

Thanks so much for your effort !

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Something like this would be a start:


Substitute your piezo for one of the three pickups shown. Where the two yellow wires and blue wires meet at the selector switch, just join them together and delete the switch.

Your preamp for the piezo would need to go in between the output lead of the piezo (red) and the piezo volume pot.

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