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Bone Saddle on a chambered Electric Guitar

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Hi Everyone

I'm planning on building a guitar with a chambered body/semi accoustic and I know the benefits of having a Bone Nut so I'm wondering why not a Bone saddle as well? Has it been done before and what is the result like? Pros and Cons? Any existing threads already talk about this?


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The downside is that you're stuck with the intonation that the saddle offers. Adjustable is always useful. I'm not in the bone nut camp myself, so I can't evangelise them for bridges! I'm sure that there would be more relevant discussion about this amongst acoustic builders....electric builders perhaps less so.

It would certainly be an interesting experiment, so I can't say don't try it!

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Thanks for your reply

Yes I find a Bone or Corian Nut gives a sparkly "shimmering" sound about it when playing open chords (clean) Slowly strum and let it ring out

Thanks for suggesting the Accoustic section yes I'll give that a go. Although what I'm planning to build is more of a chambered construction, sort of Semi Accoustic steering more toward Accoustic (but with my much favoured 57 Classic in the Neck)

I have no idea how I would go about it, I'm not planning on using an Accoustic bridge. I know the intonation will be a problem but I have some ideas on how to dial it in, I will see how that goes

cheers and thanks for your encouragement

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We don't actively discuss acoustics as much as we should here. We've always meant more towards electric solid bodies however your experience will be an interesting one to feed in. I am wondering; perhaps a bone bridge may sound similar to Graph Tech Tusq or NuBone? I have a set of VS100 saddles which just need a baseplate. I'll have to try them out!

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