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String Placement On Nut


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Hey Guys! So if you haven't seen my build that I'm doing, just check the link here.

I need advice on how to get the string with placement on the nut. I've seen the spreadsheet calculator but it does not make much sense to me. 

My nut is 43 mm, 10.4mm string spacing at the bridge. 



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First decide if you want your strings spaced evenly between their centers or to have even spaces between them. If you are spacing on three centers, just decide the amount of space you want from the outside strings to the fretboard edge, subtract that from your nut width and devide by 5. Even width gaps require a little more math. Add the string widths up and subtract the total from you nut length. Also subtract the amount you want on the edges of you fretboard. What remains is the amount of space left for your gaps, so devide that by 5. I like to make a spacer out of scrap at that width and use that as a fret file guide.


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