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Hi Friends!

 I am new here and this is actually my first Blog! I am a newbie at best and have three kit guitars under my belt. I am looking for some suggestions on where to fing quality necks for my upcoming projects. Also a hint at some decent pickups and pick guards would be greatly appreciated. All parts is awesome but the cost is out of range for now now and I'd like to keep my units fair I price. I have a full shop and am making a serious go at it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I hope to post the final products to share very soon! Thank you in advance!-Kyle

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If you have a full shop why not make your own Necks? If you want cheap then try guitarfetish.com or ebay..

Sorry I find it strange that your first post is about you starting a business with only three  kit guitars under your belt and also that you must keep your cost down.?..

Good luck!!


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