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How to bind a guitar neck?

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hi everybody

just a few questions on binding around the fretboard with Ivoroid, not wood, Ivoroid? please :D

1.) is it better to cut the fretboard to size so the binding fits around it and then all it has to be is glued on?


2.) is it better to glue the fretboard on first, then route a channel around it with a dremel to and then glue the binding on? - like what you would do on a body or around a headstock?

3.) after the binging has been installed, can i sand it down to conform with the fretboard?

any help is greatly appreciated. B)

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thanx a lot fellas.

hey Lex, your avatar looks like Will Farrell from Saturday Night Live. he's so funny! :D

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You may also want to try the DUCO Cement that Stew-Mac offers. This is similar to the old Testors Model cement in that it chemically "melts" the binding, which leads to excellent adhesion and very few "open" pores. Using CA is good if you have a 100% perfect join. It won't fill in any irregualrites and the CA won't take finish well if there is a gap.

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