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Bare knuckle Pups


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Hey everyone

I'm building a basswood 3 pickup destroyer, and am now looking for pickups.  It will be using an Ibanez J-Craft Prestige (58mm heel) AANJ neck and a german 1984 Floyd Rose

Video from the Painter upon completion

I have always been a DiMarzio fan, and am familiar with their Super Distortions, Evolutions, X2N's, and Gravity Storms for decades.

I figure in DiMarzio speak - a Super Distortion for the bridge, an Evolution for the Middle - and a Gravity Storm for the neck position.

I'v been talking to Bare Knuckle Pickups and they're recommending:

  1. An Aftermath bridge 
  2. Nailbomb Neck in the middle
  3. Cold Sweat Neck (where you need the cold sweats, eh?)

They're custom. They're boutique. They're spendy. This guitar will be for sale (like my others) for a progressive metal player. I'm concerned they're $200 more than the DiMarzio set - but I really want this to be the ultimate rock- n=roller. 

Can I get some feedback from people that have used these?



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Thanks for all the feedback guys. :unsure:

I ended up going with DiMarzios on this build. Liquifire neck, PAF middle and Super Distortion bridge.

Why? Cost and hype of the Bare Knuckles seems to be focused towards a certain group of guitarists - and couldn't find any great information that tells me they are worth the cost. While I've been using DiMarzio for decades.

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