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Flame-Top Sanding


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When sanding a flame-top guitar is the grain perpendicular to the flames, or parallel with the flames?


When I look at this picture the most distinguishable flames are horizontal, but there are definite vertical configurations as well.



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The flames are are running perpendicular to the neck (and likewise the centerline of the body), and the grain is running parallel to the neck.

The vertical lines you see are the grain, which is actually the rings of pores that are the growth rings in a tree. In figured wood like this the pores do not run in a straight line up the trunk of the tree, but rather in a wavy line. The flames you see are in reality rows upon rows of wavy pores--think tubes like soda straws. Lined up side by side the waves create the visual you see as flame. Think of a package of ramen noodles before you stick them in the boiling water.

So the grain is going north and south and the figure is going east and west.:)



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