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roundover bit 1" (25.4mm)


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HI. I am considering using a 1" (25.4mm) roundover bit - without the bearing, see photo.
For feeds & speeds how should I think of it? V-bit, End mill, form bit?
In ferreting out info from various sites the speeds & feeds are frightening to me .
Any advice appreciated.

roundover bit.png

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For rpm, the manufacture should have a max rpm listed.  


Its not an endmill, you can't mill with the end of it.  It IS a lot like a v-bit, just curved.   Feeds and speeds will rely heavily on what your max RPM is.  You can always test it out and see what is chatter free and gives you a good finish.  Most of the time I'm using my own feeds and speeds rather than suggestions anyways.


edit: jeez louise I just replied to a 3 yo post

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