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How to paint stripes or a shape over a colour coat!

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Hi guys, I'm building a white guitar (Templarian warrior, possibly I'll open a post documenting the process). The body is white top and want to paint a big red templarian cross across the body, PUP`s cavities, knob drills, bridge... The questions how to to do it in order to avoid a big step and minimize the problems when applying the clear coats. The guitar is this:


All ideas will be wellcome cause to be honest have never done this before... Thanks in advance



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Use an airbrush.

Keep the mix Really thin, 70% thinner, 30% product (whatever finish you're using)

Test your mix to be sure you have Enough Color mixed in from the start.

If your color is weak and you have to shoot multiple coats to get your color, you're unnecessarily building product.

And using 70% thinner, it'll start to run if you overdo it and ruin Everything.

You don't want that. You don't want mistakes.

You want to keep that airbrush moving, your mix is very thin.

Practice all these steps on a scrap piece first. Spray it white first just like your piece.

Learn how to use automotive masking tape, or pinstriping tape, or detail tape, whatever you want to call it.

Pull tape not less than 15 minutes, not more than an hour, depending on product drying time.




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Not to disagree too much with Drak, but certain paints you need to be careful with over thinning. 2 part systems are a good example. The catalyst wants a certain amount of component to link with at a certain rate. Too much thinner and it doesn’t dry right. A lot of the base coats for these systems are still one part products though and the thinner only slows down the cure time, at doesn’t affect the result. Make sure you understand the paint you are using and how it works. 

Like Drak said, get good with taping and get your color down in minimal coats. The less coats the less of and edge can build up. 

And practice, practice, practice on scrap first.

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